Saratiba is our innovative software solution that optimally supports doctors involved in oncological treatment.

We include the latest scientific research in our software to provide this knowledge at a central location for therapy. Our aim is that every clinic regardless of capacity can treat all patients individually, safely and with a consistently high standard of care. To achieve this aim Saratiba places its focus on the patient and provides relevant information throughout the entire treatment process. Automation and integrated documentation eliminates administration efforts while satisfying all legal obligations.

Join us in the realization of our vision for the future of oncological treatment.

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High Performing & Standards-Based

Saratiba unites international standards with personalised therapy management and offers useful functions that support the entire treatment process.

Advantages for doctors

  • Assistance of the entire treatment process
  • Improved safety
  • International catalogues offer a high standard of data quality
  • Focus on standardised therapies
  • Integrated documentation
  • Time savings in administration

Advantages for patients

  • Improvement of oncological treatment
  • Provisions for the individual state of health
  • Integration of patient safety
  • Increased level of transparency during treatment

From experience

Saratiba  is developed  by World-Direct in collaboration with its partner clinics.Be a part of the development team and join us in  shaping the future of digitally supported oncology.

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